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  • Manufacturer or Supplier: Vendor-unknown
  • SKU: AW250NXT09
  • Availability: in inventory in inventory Out of stock You can buy this product, but at the moment it is not in stock

Stripper Univ. AW250NXT09 Nexxt

$ 11.80
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Stripper D / Cable AW250NXT09 Nexxt

Universal Cable Stripper with Blade (cables for Telecommunications, Lan and Coaxial)

The perfect combination for stripping and cutting cables used in installations dedicated to the transmission of voice and data. With a single tool, the user can cut and strip twisted pair cables with or without shielding, coaxial cables, flat and round telephone cables, with diameters between 6 and 12 mm.

Very useful tool: it has defined lengths to strip most commonly used connectors, and with the types of cables illustrated on the handle for easy identification.

Part Number / Product Code: AW250NXT09