Warranties (Authorized Service Center)


Our warranties are covered by our Authorized Service Center, or for short CAS DS.

For information on how to receive assistance under warranty coverage, you can contact us using the phone numbers 2486-1228 or 7745-4629. Also, make inquiries via e-mail at the address: guaranteesds@piensads.com, and on Skype: garantiasds05.

To make a guarantee valid, you must present your purchase invoice and / or serial sheet where the product is described (we remember that a guarantee can be made effective without this documentation, restrictions apply). If it is necessary to present the accessories (manuals, adapters, covers, etc.), a pre-request must be made from the manufacturer.

Any warranty non-conformity will be reviewed and resolved at our Authorized Service Center of Digit@l Solutions (CAS DS). The guarantees do not include home service, but you can request it with an additional and/or pre-established cost in the purchase.

Warranty exclusions

  • If the warranty seals have been broken or altered.
  • Failures caused by computer virus infection.
  • Rodent and insect damage.
  • Damages due to the negligence of the user in the maintenance and care of the product or equipment.
  • Damage caused by natural or man-made disasters.
  • Failures in the power supply or lack of electrical protection for the product.
  • Interaction with incompatible products from other brands.

Warranty period

The guarantee of the products distributed by the company will start from the moment of their sale, and the changes made by guarantee will not extend the time of the same.

The warranty period is different for each device and is specified in its respective serial sheet.

Warranty invalidation

For any damage that has been caused by an electrical power surge, bumps, scratches, dents, burns, misuse of the equipment, stains or smudges on company labels and / or serial numbers of the device, accessory or peripheral, by external or internal damage caused by insects, rodents, humid and / or hot conditions, bad transport, bad format, "overclocking" and / or wrong configuration, bad installation or storage, due to lack

preventive maintenance (cleaning), Chip reset and / or ink refilling (Printers), natural disasters, or accidents of any kind, THE WARRANTY WILL BE VOID.

In addition, the guarantee will be void when it is detected that the product was totally or partially disassembled or suffered an attempt to repair it by persons not authorized by Digit@l Solutions.

Warranty without invoice and / or serial sheet

Dear customer, it is a pleasure to inform you that at no time, due to lack of this documentation, do you lose technical support or guarantee of your product.

How to apply the guarantee?

Step 1. Come to our CAS DS with your product in malfunction.

Step 2. Explain to the person in charge of our CAS DS the problem that the product purchased in our company is presenting and provide an estimated date of purchase of the same or the name in the invoice.

Step 3. Our CAS DS will review your product to determine if a warranty applies. Otherwise, a repair must be made to the product in the Technical Services area, which will have an additional cost.

Step 4. The person in charge of our CAS DS will enter and deliver a receipt for your product.

Step 5. You will be notified once the warranty process begins and when the case is resolved.

Request for copy of invoice or ticket

All our valued clients are informed that, if for any reason they lose their purchase invoice and / or serial sheet, they can request a copy.

Invoice copy

Contact our CAS DS at 2486-1228 or 7744-8986 (Claro) and indicate the request for a copy of your signed and stamped invoice, which will be free.

Provide the name of the billing and an estimated date of purchase, which will serve to request the copy from accounting.

Subsequently, provide your phone number so that we can inform you if the process is complete.

Limited warranty

This type of guarantee consists of the exchange of any element of the COMPUTER EQUIPMENT (device), PERIPHERALS or ACCESSORIES that comply with the terms of the guarantee and have been acquired in the company. The warranty covers labor and parts or spare parts used to carry out the corresponding operation.

Our warranty service does not cover solving problems with program configuration, damaged software, assembly, installation, technical advice and house calls. In addition, the warranty is void if, after inspection by our technicians, there is knowledge of the opening of the device in question or computer equipment, alterations or repairs by people outside the Warranty department.

The company will not be responsible for any type of information (programs installed on the computer, images, music, documents of any kind or operating systems) that any mass storage device contains, be these: USB sticks, internal or external hard drives or removable devices (CD and DVD). In the event that the applicant requires a backup of information, he can consult it with the warranty manager, but it is noted that this service is subject to a monetary charge.

Our warranty service is on a first-come, first-served basis. This implies that a guarantee can take a period of time of 1 - 30 business days in extreme cases and depending on the response time of the manufacturer.