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  • Manufacturer or Supplier: Vendor-unknown
  • SKU: Speedlite 270EX
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Canon 270EX Speedlite Flash

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Canon Speedlite 270EX Flash

Product description

CANON Speedlite 270EX Flash

Flash designed for EOS and PowerShot camera users. Like the popular Speedlite 220EX, which it replaces, the Speedlite 270EX is aimed at photographers who aspire to expand their flash photography capabilities beyond what the camera's built-in flash allows, as well as those who wish to have a compact flash: a pocket flash to complement EOS-1D or EOS 5D series cameras.

The compact Speedlite 270EX benefits from the success of its predecessor, with more power than usual in flashes of its class and size.

The Speedlite 270EX has many new features, not available in a built-in flash, and which exceed the market limits for starter flashes.
These include a zoom head, to ensure efficient light distribution, and a bounce flash head, which allows light to bounce off the ceiling, producing more homogeneous light images with softer tones and greater depth.

The improved circuitry provides near-silent recharging, as well as allowing recharging times similar to its predecessor, despite being powered by just 2 AA batteries.