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Google Assistant will integrate with third-party apps

by Digit@l Solutions on October 17, 2020
Image of the Google logo referring to Google Assistant - Digit @ Solutions


In recent years, voice assistants have taken a very relevant position in the world of technology and our day to day. Thanks to its comfortable use, just mention a command and the wizard in question will do the job.

On this occasion, Google seeks to change the integration that the rest of Apps and services have with the assistant. Assistant has started exploring and automating tasks for third-party apps on Android. It is expected that soon we will have the option to search in detail within the applications. In some of them, you could even carry out specific tasks that are specific to the app, using voice commands.


As Google explains, Assistant on Android smartphones already integrates with some third-party apps automatically. They mention that they have started with the 30 most popular apps on the Google Play Store. One of the main novelties is that index the internal content of these apps. For example, you can search for some type of product within Etsy or open a person's profile on Snapchat.

In the same way, voice commands have been enabled for the most frequent tasks in the apps. Such as controlling the playback of music or video by voice, posting content on social networks or sending a message to a contact. You can create shortcuts with custom phrases for the most common tasks.

For now, the changes have begun to be applied in Google Assistant for Android in English. It is expected that later they will reach other languages ​​as well as more apps from the Google Play Store.


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