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What is a router and why does it fail so much?

by Digit@l Solutions on August 31, 2020

To start, we must know what is a router? And what does it work for? A router or router (from English router), is a device that is responsible for interconnecting computers to a local network and this same device can connect to other networks and through certain protocols, establish the routes or routes that the packets containing the information must follow to reach their destination, this destination being another device within the computer network.

In its conformation, a router is a device that closely resembles a computer, it is composed of a processor, memory, a motherboard and above, it has a system that controls and configures what the hardware must do. It is important to understand this, because some of the problems that occur with these devices are due to the number of clients (it will be understood by client, each electronic device that can be linked to a computer network) connected to it, these generate an increase in the capacity of the processor, which increases the possibility of overheating by having it, to route a greater number of packets, which leads to it freezing or constantly restarting, as would happen with a computer that does not has optimal cooling.


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